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Lemar International Sdn. Bhd. based at Bandar Bukit Puchong, Selangor.

Call us at 03-8060 2105

Who Are We?

In early 1991, Lemar International introduced and marketed Iran's Dates, a previously unknown product in Malaysia which had been dominated by American and Iraq imports. The introduction of Iran's Dates into the market by Lemar International was met with rising sales and it has since become a preferred choice for Malaysian consumers. Meanwhile, Lemar International also entered the dried fruit sector with products such as Pistachios, Chickpeas, Dried Fruits, Apricots and Raisins - a market that was fully monopolized by US products. As a result of importing from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Syria etc., we have expanded our offerings to include Medjool dates from Palestine while promoting other popular date varieties like Ajwa and Mabroom alongside the Tunisian Deglet Nour dates in Malaysia.

In 2012, Lemar International launched FARS brand which now offers an array of new products including fruit concentrates such as pomegranate and date juices along with various types of fruit vinegar. All FARS fruit concentrate & vinegar products are safe for consumption without any alcohol content; they have been certified by Jakim & Sirim.

Additionally we have ventured into marketing health capsules approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) and certified by Jakim. Lemar International has recently obtained certification from MESTI (Malaysian Standards for Food Hygiene, Sanitation, and Safety). As a result of this achievement, Lemar International is dedicated to providing safe and premium-quality food products. The company upholds rigorous quality assurance standards to guarantee the delivery of nutritious foods to our valued customers.

Our Vision

Inspire and educate people to be healthy with natural and wholesome food.

Our Mission

Become the leading supplier in the Asian region for a wide range of food and health products.